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Losing your phone for 5 minutes.

We are living in a world where technology is developing very rapidly. We assume that the evolution of Information technology is creating our better lives. No matter where we go, we can place ourselves in a better position to connect with people and the world through the digital eyes.

Basically, your digital devices are becoming your digital home. On the contrary, we are not sure consequences behind being online, because lack of knowledge on how to safely handle online activities to make sure you are not putting yourself in a vulnerable position.

Your digital activities can be monitored and stolen without your knowledge or consent. Adversaries secretly watch your every digital moment online. Unfortunately, you are unaware of this situation unless you are told by someone that your data was lost or stolen.

What if your phone was lost for 5 minutes, you could go crazy, driving you nuts. Without finding the phone, your blood pressure could spike up, panic attack could happen on you. It’s because your sensitive information’s were stored on the phone. The data from the phone have never been backed up or moved to an addition external device.

Do not make yourself in a very risky situation for losing your sensitive data from your smart phone. If you had them backed up regularly, you would not have worried about misplacing the phone for days or months because you have a copy of all and they can be re-stored to your new phone as you wish.

The risk of losing your sensitive information can be minimized but cannot be permanently cured. You should start doing it now otherwise you may later regret. It is better be safe than sorry.

It is time for you to take an extra precaution, making sure that you always backup your data from your phone to an external storage.

  • Dr. Ramhari Subedi

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