Gas and Electricity Comparison

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Gas and Electricity

Switching to a new supplier or changing tariffs with your existing supplier could save you money on your bill. It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes. You can get a dual fuel (both gas & electricity) quote or compare gas and electricity prices separately.

As well as the price of a new tariff, there are other reasons you may wish to switch:

•            Protection against future price rises

Picking a fixed price tariff will ensure that even if prices rise, the rates you pay for your gas and electricity remain the same until the end of the fixed period

•             Customer service

If you’ve been unhappy with the service you received from your current supplier, you may wish to switch to one with higher customer service standards.

•             Environmental awareness

A number of companies offer green tariffs where 100% of the electricity supplied comes from renewable sources, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Compare energy deals & constantly save

Energy Club will find your cheapest deal, constantly monitor your tariff and alert you when it’s time to switch 

1.            Finding you the cheapest deal. If you’re already on it, great. If not, it’ll help you switch. You usually get £25 cashback on top for a dual-fuel switch or £12.50 cashback for switching just gas or electricity.

2.            Then monitoring your tariff constantly. Each month, without you doing anything, we do a background comparison to check yours is still cheapest.

3.            Alerting you when it’s time to switch (again). If you can save money switching either because your rate’s changed, or others have, we’ll tell you.

Energy comparison

Compare energy tariffs with Energylinx[1] and see if you could save

•             Compare energy suppliers to see if you can find a cheaper tariff today

•             We get paid by the energy provider only when you switch through us

•             This helps us keep our energy comparison service free for customers

Compare our gas and electricity tariffs

Our fixed tariffs

The price you pay won’t change while you’re on a fixed tariff. This protects you from price increases, subject to VAT and regulatory changes.

•             £60 Exit Fee (£30 Electricity, £30 Gas)

•             12 Month Tariff

•             Agree to have smart meters installed

•             Discounts

•             Online Account Management

•             Payment by Fixed Monthly Direct Debit

Comparing energy deals

As you know, gas cost and electricity prices vary between suppliers and locations. And the cheap electricity and gas prices UK suppliers offer today don’t always come with long-term certainty.

So when you are doing a gas or electricity comparison, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Electricity & Gas Providers

Compare electricity and gas (dual fuel) providers AGL, Alinta Energy, ActewAGL, Dodo Power & Gas, EnergyAustralia, Origin, Momentum Energy, Lumo Energy, Red Energy and Simply Energy on bill & cost clarity, tools & advice, environmental sustainability, customer service and value for money.

Simply Energy doubles up best in electricity & gas review

If you can pay for your electricity and gas with just the one provider – rather than two – it makes perfect sense, right? Well, only if you’re getting a good deal from that one retailer. When it comes to energy, it’s all too easy to ‘set and forget’ and end up paying too much, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled and regularly compare your options. Dealing with just the one provider for both electricity and gas may even increase your chances of becoming complacent, but as long as you’re getting a good deal, it could prove financially beneficial – and of course convenient.

How to Find the Cheapest Gas and Electricity for Your Home

Find the cheapest gas and electricity rates with our website. The best, impartial price comparison service for energy deals in the UK.

In minutes, be saving money on your gas and electricity bills. Switching energy suppliers is easy and can all be done online. Find out more about how to get the lowest prices on your energy tariffs now.

Which company offers the lowest energy prices?

Our table shows the most competitive rates on the market right now:

The rates displayed in this table are calculated based on a moderate gas and electricity user, who has a monthly bill, that is paid for via a direct debit. For information about which user category you fall into, take a look out our page on energy consumer groups.

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