Ravi Lamichhane made the third marriage, 1st wife wishing to be the fourth wife

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Divorced with Mrs. Journalist Ravi Lamichhane has set a new home. Nikita is also a divorce with first husband.

The chair of the Film Development Board Nikita Poudel has been Married by the court. Ravi and Nikita were in love for a few months.

Journalist Ravi Lamichhane is silent on some issues. However, if you do not answer a question, it will be OK. I did not want to speak contrary.

Ravi and Nikita used to live in the same apartments in the Chabahil. With Nikita getting married, three families have got responsibility for Ravi lamichane.

The former Wife Isha and two daughters-in-law have compromised to take full responsibility. She is a son with a foreign woman. These women have taken the son to sister and married a different man.

Nikita was promoting communist for the last time in the election from Twitter.

Rabi Lamichhane with Nikita Poudel

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