Dr. KC’s ‘Counter Narcotics’ Thapa was accused of being arrested

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A group supporting him to activate Dr KC’s flame is active. The group is ignorant of Thapa’s past.


After searching for the background, after living in Ansan against Dr. KC, Thapa has found Nepal Live engaging in criminal activities.

In order to conduct criminal activities in Terai, a joint organization organized by the United Revolutionary Liberation Front was opened in the year 2067.

During the time of giving SLC, he was on the search list of Katari Police. It has been understood that the businessmen have been able to threaten the neo businessmen and taking the name of the Maoist Youth Organization Viceroy.

Her name was also added to the smugglers from Chure Jungle of Udaipur. By expanding his network, he brought it to Terai. Thapa, who is involved in such criminal activities, is now suffering from anger against Dr. Govind KC.Thapa came to Kathmandu along with him after bringing Govind KC to Kathmandu on Friday.

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