After the death of Dr. Govinda KC, the people who now resisted were demanding right now

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-Abish Adhikari

The KP Oli government had set up the election slogan before the elections, the light of some hope was fought. The way that should be developed ahead of development Just as the perpetrator should take action, black ratting, and the increase in the value of the product, And there was no need to be a legal advocate of the legal state.

Author: Abish Ahikari

This government has only done the slaughter of the murderer. How surprising it is to lose the opposite life when living poorly for justice. Do not imagine that this government is hard to listen to the people than the Rana regime. Nepali people want to return history again.

238-year-old Rajastha seems to be necessary for the new era to be anticipated. The only Hindu nation of the world was removed. People who suffer from the nation are now in the position of prime minister.

The Nepalese people have been able to cover the eyes. People have become blind devotees of the leaders who have fallen moral morals.

This government has done nothing other than chatter and wind. This government has been using the mafia network The killers are a parliament, the place of offenders is a Parliament building.

Govind KC’s demands are correct, but why the government is contrary to their demand. What would we expect from such a government? Where is Nirmala Pant’s killer’s government? Know that his father’s mother is mad? What government does it mean to be mad when asking for justice?

The corrupt people are in the government. There is no action against corrupt leaders like Ravindra Adhikari. Now Gyanendra should speed up the country. Nepalese people want monarchy again. Now the monarchy is the only option. The country does not run without the monarchy.

KC is in favor of Nepali people. I know the pain that was not treated without money. Now, should they have a criminal demand for the poor people? This is not a morality government. The monarchy is right to come.

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