Singer Tika’s village in Kanchi in market

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Abish Adhikari, Kathmandu

Myagdeli Sister Tika Ramjali has lost her body in the Album market. Singer is the first time to sing the singer with the singing song of the Top Shahi Samundra. Recently, singer Tika herself, acting as an artist of Nepali Music channel, has been singing music, has been playing herself with the artist Artists Mr. Thapa, Prakas Sarput, Keshav Sapkota, Lomas Sharma, and her favorite share of heroes.

Song is also a producer of music video and exporter Shiva 4S, while Shiva, the video Cameraperson Shambhu Chalisey filmed and edited by Ramesh B.k Song there are original and reflect the kind of truth because it said there are many appreciated appreciation has been the voice of the singer ramjali.

Singer Tika called on Gaughare Kanchhi to bring to her Album market and took a serious breakthrough on her success.

Watch Video Song:  CLICK HERE

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