Thirdly in Sherlock Hola League Three

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Thirdly in Sherlock Hola League Three The Martyr released in the three Star Club capital has been third in the Memorial A Division League.

In the last match of Sunday League, beaten Himalayan Sherpa 2-0 and the third party defeated the third-party title. Buddha Chemjong and Ranjan Bista scored one goal in the victory of the third.

In the first half of the first half of the match, Buddha Chimjong scored the start of the first round for the third star. Chemjong scored a round of Ranjan Bista. The first half of the match took 3-0 in the first half of the second half, while scoring 2-0 in the second half of the second half.

Ranjan Bista scored a long pass by Ranjit Dhimal and managed to make the third star third in the lead. Bust is the personal sixth in the goal league. Laxman winner Manang Afzalwala, three star Rangejit Dimal and Army Bharat Ghaswas scored the highest 7-7 goals. Himalayan Sherpa Shrestha, along with Ranjan, has also lagged 6-6 similar goals.

With this victory, ThreeStar has added 8 points from 13 games of Lig and 2 points and 3 points with 3 points. The defeated defeated Sherpa scored 5 points from 13 games and 17 points with 2 equals and became seventh in the league.

In the league, Manang added that the last two matches have been ahead of the last two matches, adding that 36 runs from 12 games, Sankata, in the second place, added 9 points to 12 games and 28 points with 1 equals. Similarly, the Tribhuvan Army Club has been fourth in the league. He added 25 points with 7 games in 13 games.

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