Techniques of 2018 and Gadgets

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By year 2018, we have welcomed the new year. This material has been prepared for information about the latest technologies, gadgets, gear and new products of the year 2018. There are different communications media about new technology and products. However, based on micro-analysis, some good products have been leaked here.
The ‘Wired’ online magazine has been featured in the list of ‘8’s TVs’ of the Galaxy S Nine plus’ smartphone. According to the magazine, Samsung brought its company’s ambitious and most discussed to the television market last year.

The company has been discussing the ‘8K TV’ year’s ‘Qi 65 Q 9 00’. This TV available in three sizes (85 inches, 75 inches and 65 inches) is the full HDD. The viewer can realize the fact that 4 thousand nuts (1 nits equal to 1 square meters per square meter) are bright.

The 15 ms input lag connected to it makes Cue 9 00 complete for the game. Its value is estimated at Rs 4,999, (roughly 7 lakh 11 thousand rupees). This price is too high for the customer. But to get a new experience, this TV has made a choice of things for many.

In the world of wireless headphones in the year 2018, Sony ‘s WX-1000 XMT’ was awarded a good tool in the headphone preventing wirewheel rack. Earlier, Bose Queens 35 was used for this work. Sony’s production is famous for sounds and designs.

But the company has succeeded in raising the discussion by bringing it into a headphones market that does not hurt. This set can be used for a continuous use of 30 hours once a full charge is charged. Touch Touching System has it easy to use as a compatible company. At first it’s a bit higher. This wireless headphone’s value is £ 299 (Rs 46,747).

Ranging Watch ‘Germanic Forner 9 35’ became a well-known product of the year. Price worth 4,439 pounds (62 thousand 4,443 rupees) This value is an important invention for those interested in running. It has a long-term battery connection. Keep it in standby mode for at least a week, your activities can be treated without interruption for 24 hours.

This clock has the ability to record various activities including poultry, cycling, and golf. It also provides a variety of training related to physical exercise. Not only this, the speed rate of the heart can also be monitored. This gadget weighing only 49 grams can capture all the activity in a ringwich.

Another important product of 2018 is Wireless Earbirds ‘Jibra Eliot 65 T’. Use it to help bacterialize the epidemic of Appl. This wireless earbird is worth a £ 158 pound (Rs.1757,71 rupees), any company claims to be easily used in any function. It can also be used in gym and race and other activities. Once a charge is charged, a non-stop can be used for five hours. It has two charging cases connected.

According to ‘Wired’ in the world of laptops, ‘Dell XPS 13’ was picked up on important production of the year. This laptop with a price of £ 99,000 (Rs 1.555 thousand 224 rupees) is presented as a Killer of MacBook. This laptop with weighing only 1 decimal 2 kg is 13 inches. Powerful capability for those who have a loaded work is in it. It includes diverse applications including non-glare curtains and touchscreen. This laptop with 4mm thickness can be easily placed in any way. This is also easy to carry.

The Apple Apple iPhone 97 ‘tablet brought to the table by 2018. Some people like iPad Pro. However, a good monthly choice has a ‘9.7’ inch iPod. This size is found as a standard. That’s why it has become the desire of many. This is a high resolution of important software and apps on this tablet with high resolution screens.

Apps that are impossible to date in the tablet are also kept in it. The 2018 edition supports Apple Peninsula. This set with a Blueboard keyboard can be used as a laptop and forklift mobile phone option. It can be used freely anywhere and at any time. The company has set its value of £ 197 (Rs 45,000).

Amazing Kidelweight e-reader also got a discussion. Although this e-reader does not have the latest price of £ 20 (17 thousand 68 rupees), one can complete all the electronic requirements of one person. The light connected to this reads the reader readily. The screen of 300 ppi is enough to make fun of it. It is a wonderful gadget for electronics brush readers.

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