Sexual exploitation of bombardment in the ashram, the tragedy of murder-violence

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18-year-old Gangma Maya Tamang of Rothhot, was pressed on a press conference on Sunday, on the radio radio office of Lalitpur.

Ram Bahadur Baijan, who is known throughout the world as ‘Little Buddha’, accused him of rape. Speaking about the abusive and experienced abusive sitting in the ashram of four years.

While speaking at Gangmaam, the presence of the bombarded party contradicted his statement. Mani Lama, working with former Minister of State for Health and Bombay, said that Ganguly about Ganguly said that he is lying.

‘Gangmaa stolen 8 lakhs while staying in the ashram,’ said Lama, accusing him altogether, ‘that’s why he has been removed from the ashram.’

After debate between both parties, many media presentations did not make news of that press conference. He did not get any discussion on national media.

On the same day Gangmaaya tried to file a complaint against the Jailakhel police station. The campus suggested to go to Metropolitan Crime High School in Kathmandu.

On the night, she reached the crime supremacy next night. Chief of the General Staff, Pheraj Pratap Singh, gave the Ganges an organization preserving the child.

Whitepati continued continuously searching for the accuracy, accusation of bombardment, and activity in his workshop, allegations of Gangma Maya in the last three months.

We have talked to 25 people Sar Sarahi, Rautahat, Makwanpur, Bara, Sindhuli and Nuwakot for three months.

Of the 25 bombings, the risk of survival of the victims is the risk of life and three members of their family members and members of their family.

Bomb bombardment has been a long time in sexual abuse and an eye out, whose mental condition is very bad. The bombardment of the bomb and the eyewitnesses of violence, at times, there are four disciples working as disciples and followers. Similarly, various times have gone to the ashram of the bombardment and there are now a dozen family members of Anani, who are missing.

The bombs are a follower of a follower who is missing from the ashram. Meanwhile, we have talked about Ganges repeatedly for about six hours.

All these meetings and conversations have been a shocking picture of the bombs living in the sky and about their ashram.

He is not capable of doing anything. They do not have meditation and tendency in the ashram. He only plays a role in showing out the exit. They have no spiritual knowledge or consciousness. Neither is he interested in it.

She is a young man. And, abnormal sexual drinks. Ganges are not only sexually exploited by some of them in the ashram. He has widely used violence to pressure him to raise his voice against him.

At least three people in his ashram are missing. Mysterious seems to be missing on the basis of the abuse of the ashram on the family and on the streets.

Two eyewitnesses told us that a follower was killed and killed by a bomb in the direction of bombardment. His father told us that his father, who had gone to the ashram four years ago, was still unaware. Members of the family are still waiting for him.

About two years ago, 14 minor girls had reached the ashram bombing bombardment of world life. They were 12 to 18 years old. They used to bomb the bombs as God.

After reaching, they found that bombs were not God.

They understood that they were not mentally healthy people too. The impression of sexual and violence led to distressing bombings that they wanted to be sexually victimized.

They did not believe in the beginning of bombardment. The old man did not understand even when he tried to alert him. When the bomber’s wife Dipshkha Duman was binding herself, one evening, she told her about all the duties before Anakka, their sky dropped.

They found that the ashram of the ‘house of God’ was hell. A few days later, five men escaped from danger with life. Then five out again.

Three of these ten of the escaped from the ashram have been shifted and thrown back by the bombs. We met three of the victims and their family and we talked

The story of the deadly bombings seen in the Ratanpuri forest of Bara, about 13 years ago, has not been filled with tilseem and less awesome. How did he become ‘Little Buddha’ from a crazy man? Who made him ‘Little Buddha’? How did she become sexual puppies? How did sexual abuse exploit so many, raise violence against some people, and possibly some of the lives of somebody? And, how was the state uninterrupted by all these news? After all these crimes, who is promoting him as ‘Maitreya Buddha’ among thousands of supporters? How much money is the bombardment today? How many floors are real estate? No one knows

His followers are estimated to have hundreds of other landowners associated with the land of three ashram of Sarlahi, Sindhuli and Sindhupalchok. She has so much money from donation from abroad and abroad, when she comes from an ashram to the other, she often uses a helicopter. Toyota’s Landcruiser is a vehicle for personal use.

A dozen years ago, while taking worship at Pickchail of Lalitpur, the bombs bombed the carriers. In his worship, his indigenous followers and nearly three dozen foreign followers were also present.

No one knows how much the weapon he has. His disciples left behind the ashram long ago, saying that – he had a few pistols and a rifle at the same time. There were many swords. He has collected a sword in Ashram by planting it in Kathmandu. Thus, he is not only for minor enthusiasts, but there is a security challenge for the state.

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