Himalayan Mountains in Nepal

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Yogesh Dhakal

In the present context, if the Federal Tourism Bill, 075 reached the draft law, the Himalayan private sector of Nepal will allow promotion and climbing. The draft of the Bill states that the private organization can be provided mountainous climbing and promotions.

As per the last meeting of the then Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, the party will allow the promotion of Himalayan promotions and climbing. At the proposal of Tourism Minister Krishasur Sherpa of Asad 07, As per the tourism policy, according to the Tourism Policy, 035, the government decided to bring down the government’s permission to ascertain 27 mountainous rocks of 27 Himalayas.

A few days before that decision, the spokesperson of the tourism ministry Mohan Krishna Sapkota said that private sector would promote mountain. Anghiring Sherpa, the then president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, has understood the importance of all the governmental authority to take the contract to the private sector.

The Himalal was associated with the efforts of the private sector, the decision to withdraw the permission of the Himalayan authorities. Later, Minister of Tourism Deepak Amatya had tried a step. But after the protest against the businessmen, Amethi was later following the tourism minister, Sherpa, after making the decision. Oli, elected to the Prime Minister in Asa 072, continued the same decision. And urged the then President of the Federation Sherpa and tourism businessman Rajendranman Shrestha, Oli, to meet the rights given to him, to meet Baluwatar.

Sherpa told the Prime Minister about the rights of the Tourism Policy, 035, not only to the Prime Minister, but presented in Oli aggressive style, “NGOs do not have the right to raise revenue.” Sherpa remembers reminding Oli, “If the government does not withdraw the decision, we will go to court.” NGL play with the state? Of course, you have money, the issue will be filed, “Oli added. Soon the union filed an issue in the court and won. Then the theme of the mountain was not rising. On the second time, after the PM’s PM, Oli came to Pal, to give rise to the private sector.

Nehraj Dahal, president of the Additional Crisis, says that when climate change is in danger of the emergence of the Himalayas, the private sector is promoting mountain. “Natural heritage in Himalayas starts to manage by private sector and destruction is more than protection.”

After drafting the Federal Tourism Bill, 075, another draft has been prepared by the businessmen. It was taken by the Chairman of Mountaineering Operations Association, Dambar Parajuli. It is wrong to assume the natural heritage of Himalas as private sector, it will be wrong, Parajuli. Parajuli says, “Such natural heritage is going to destroy the unhealthy competition among the businessmen, when paying private sector to the contract.”

The unexpected competition of the contractor adds to the beauty crisis of the Himalayas as well as increasing the wastage, employment cuts Sherpa. “It seems to have already been an attempt to promote the mountains in the private sector. Such decision is not like sand, ballot on contract. “

The government has revealed 415 mountains for Arohan. But in the year, about 60 mountains have been climbed only. There is a revenue of Rs 45 million from the mountain climbing. Only one thousand 200 people are getting employment from the Asahi group going to Arohan.

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