Deepika’s 7 films, which made her ‘Queen’ of the ‘100 million’ club

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Deepika Padukone, a beautiful and bold hero of Bollywood, is busy in her birthday break. He was born on January 5. Deepika Padukone hero has recently been married to Ranbir Singh for 6 years of love related to her. Last year, Deepika Padukone released the movie “Pedromawat”, which earned $ 100 million in the box office. Whether this movie is released on this year or not, it’s not up to date. Deepika is a heroine of Bollywood. To make him number 1, 7 movies have a special role, which was made more than 100 million and made him ‘Queen’ of 100 million clubs.

Deepika’s nominated ‘Rash 2’ is his first movie to reach 100 million. Saif Ali Khan and Jon Abihim, along with Deepika Padukone, are in the lead role of this movie. This movie was just about 100 million touched.
Deepika’s second film, ‘This young lady has been selling 188 million in the box office.’ In this movie, she has seen as a pair of Ranvir Kapoor.

Raniler Singh and Deepika are linked to love related to ‘Ramila’. This movie earned 116 million rupees in the box office. Bollywood starring ‘Happy New Year’ is considered to be the successful movie of Deepika’s career. This movie had grossed 203 million in the box office. Deepika’s next successful film is ‘Bajirao Mastani’. This film, which was the main role of Ranvir Singh, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika, had done 184 million in the Indian box office.

Deepika is one of the most successful films, ‘Chennai Express’. This film of comedy narrative earned 227 million boxes in the box office. This movie was seen in the movie with Sahekh Khan third time. Deepika’s career has not only a hundred and two hundred rupees, but it is a successful movie to earn Rs. He has been tagged in the box office with an estimated 3 million figures.

Due to these movies, Dipika is successful to make number 1 in Bollywood.

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