Apple hit, 83 pounds in a single day

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Agency. A sharp fall has been registered on Thursday, an American company, the largest company in the world. The apple has hit a net of $ 75 billion, i.e. 83 crores per day.

Apple said Wednesday that its earnings could be less than the last quarter of 2018. Initially the company estimated an estimated $ 9 billion revenue, but the Wednesday company said it could earn $ 84 billion.

For the first 16 years, Apple cut its estimate estimate for the first time. After this warning, the share of the company dropped up to 10 per cent.

Apple has reduced the last quarterly earnings estimate after the fall in iPhone sales in the Chinese market.

After the warning of the app, America’s main market has also declined. Nesadec’s index of technical companies has closed down 3.1 percent.

Shock or Destruction?

Apple was the first one trillion dollar company in the last year of August. He touched a trillion figure after coming to other big companies such as Amazon, Microsoft’s Facebook.

After the report submitted the report of its last three-month performance, it was due to the rise in the stock. But now some analysts are looking for a sharp fall in the sharp fall of the Apple App, and some have shown the sign of the vanity for this company.

The fall in the sales of the company’s new iPhone is its main reason. Earlier the iPhone was eager to buy new iphone that was launching in the user market.

As the iPhone’s new model launch, the company’s show seemed to be a long line outside. But now the situation is not that. “We are not keen to buy a new model due to the quality of mobile phones in the present time,” says BBC’s correspondent Dave Lee. Now the price of the new iPhone has reached $ 1,000. ‘

But Apple did not guess that its new iPhone would be less selling. Therefore Apple has also tried to move in many other areas too.

Apple has made significant success in today’s service, health and fitness. Apple earns much money from the service sector as much as Facebook’s earnings.

Dave Lee says, ‘So Apple’s company will be wrong to say it is difficult.’

But China’s economy is on the other hand, and therefore, the sale of iPhone in the Chinese market is decreasing. Otherwise, Apple could not afford to think China’s economy had fallen sharply.

Business tensions between China and the United States are also the causes of the damage in the application. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is considered responsible for the US President Donald Trump.

Tim Cook said to the company’s investors, ‘The impact of trade war has now begun. This is causing customer confidence. ‘

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