I sent in my DNA to get a personalized diet plan

8 tips for staying healthy this back to school season

Staying healthy at any point in the year requires effort and time, but the stress and change of pace when starting the school year makes it seem especially hard to keep up with healthy habits.

But it doesn’t have to be a struggle. INSIDER spoke with celebrity nutritionist and author of “The Women’s Health Big Book of Smoothies” Lisa DeFazio, and registered dietitian nutritionist Malina Linkas Malkani (MS, RDN, CDN) about the ways parents and kids of all school levels can eat healthy during the school year.

Today is National Ice Cream Pie Day. (It’s also the third week of National Crayon Collection Month, but who’s counting?) You know whose arteries ice cream pie is good for? No one. Plain and simple. But Habit, one of the latest disrupters in the food tech sector, suggests we rethink the very notion of foods that are good for everyone or bad for everyone. It’s part of a movement toward what is called personalized nutrition.

Habit, based in the San Francisco Bay area, tests for biomarkers and genetic variants using samples you provide, then generates a personalized report about how your body responds to food. It’s your unique “nutrition blueprint.” Then the company pairs you with a nutrition coach and offers you custom-made meals, containing your ideal ratio of carbs, fats and protein, delivered to your home. All in the name of sending you on the path to a new you.

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