Highest CPC AdSense Ads Niches to Start a Blog

Expensive Keywords

If you are looking for high paying best niches for Adsense then you are at right place. Adsense is one of the best & highly trusted source of earning for many bloggers around the world. You can easily make thousand of dollars from it if you have a unique content rich blog in a high-paying niche.

Make Money Online

Making money from internet is one of most searching niche all the times and peoples have dream to earn money from online world. That’s why in large amount people search tips and many ways of making money online.
This niche has high CPC rate and hence it improve your overall revenue in Adsense.

Download Website

Yes, you heard right I am talking about downloading sites. There are two types of sites consume and click.

On consume type sites people comes to read information and may become ad blind.

But on click type website people come and are ready to click something, isn’t it interesting? And by mistake visitors click on many advertisements.

Download websites generally have a high CTR (click through rate) than another site, next come news portal. This proves it one of most profitable niches for AdSense.


The one of most profitable and high paying niche is health and their various aspects. Everyone desires to be a fit and healthy person in this modern era. Therefore this niche being search by enormous number of peoples everyday across the world. That’s why Google Adsense pays highest for this significant niche.

But remember you should have proper knowledge to give any tips regarding to human health.

The Top 10 Most Expensive Keywords are:


Technology: Is your niche about technology or something else? Arts? Coffee? If you’re a coffee blogger, you should know about the technology in the coffee industry. What grinders, what roasters, what farming techniques, what coffee machines and makers and many other accessories. These minor details allow you to quote information that others may not have.


Believe it or not, style and fashion often go in and out of favor with the public, depending on how complicated the latest styles are. Currently, blogs about makeup and contouring are all the rage because the latest styles require quite a bit of know-how in order to achieve the right look. Even men’s fashion has become more complex in recent years, as women who spend evermore time and money on looking good also expect their men to do so in kind. If you have a unique or quirky style, and can efficiently describe the steps to duplicating certain looks, starting a fashion or style blog is an excellent way to increase traffic to your blog. Additionally, many of the ads used for makeup or fashion sites pay significantly higher rates for space on your pages.

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