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Bathrobes, the new trench coat, and a shoulder reminiscent of your favorite ’80s dance flick.

Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Trends: The 7 Looks You Need to Know

Spring/summer 2017’s fashion trends have stylists, buyers, editors and anyone else who is interested super-duper, spin-around-your-closet excited. Why? Well, it’s an inherently upbeat season. From the many no-holds-barred interpretations on the 1980s (think lamé, jumbo frills, shoulders, bling and legs) to the most saturated colour palette we’ve seen in a decade (fuschia, scarlet, heliotrope, hazmat, more fuschia!), joy is oozing from every stitch and every seam. Even stripes and florals—those two trusty pillars of the summer print lineup—are back with more bite, more verve and more tempting iterations to make you think again and look twice.

Rainbow Bright Stripes (Fashion Trends)

In every color, shape, size, and form (think: both broad bands and skinny hypnotic stripes). Runway looks, from left: Proenza Schouler, Givenchy, Missoni

Fashion Trends in the United States

What’s the most popular fashion trend in the country? We’ll let you take a wild guess, but here’s a hint: The answer revolves around athleisure. As Refinery29 pointed out earlier this week via research provided by Social Context Labs, yoga pants are officially the most talked-about trend in the United States. In the study, the firm scanned social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to determine the most popular trend in each state. Yoga pants blew other trends (like Adidas sneakers and boho dresses) out of the water, winning in 19 states with the most likes, mentions, and tweets.

American Fashion Trends Through the Decades

The end of World War I brought a new sense of freedom and independence to women in the United States. It was during this decade that the “flapper” emerged, a new type of young American woman whose clothing screamed modernity. Prior to the 1920s, American women aimed to look older than their actual age, but with the implementation of the 19th Amendment in 1919, guaranteeing women’s suffrage, women began to strive to look younger and younger.


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