Should we tolerate the corrupt parties’ regime silently in hunger until merge to other countries ?

arun-shakya-Arun Shakya

Nepal is our own country but it is being their only country for only certain parties. Rest of people are treated as a slave of them in our own country by the most corrupt parties rather than more cruelly in monarchical system. Those certain groups of people under those most corrupt parties are enjoying as the rich people do in very developed countries sucking the blood and sweat of very hard labour of rest of other people via in the name of different irrelevant taxation system, bribery and massive corruption of the state fund allocating the budget haphazardly and over invoicing the actual costs along with making tax evasion in the name of tax exemptions in different titles.

Nepal is deteriorating day by day but those groups of parties are being richer and richer day to day. In each sector of public posts and certain posts of private sectors as well they have made unreachable however the general people is holding higher degrees and being more efficient rather than them. As we are being a peace lover and only believe in a ballot paper of an election, that election as well they are making unfair and acting against the election code of conduct in terms of bribery to the people and threat.

Therefore there is a question how long should we be silent spectators in their looting activities of our state fund making massive bigger sized sucking the money of the labour of the general innocent people and should we tolerate the corrupt parties’ regime silently in hunger  until merge to other countries finally drowning our own travelled boat into the ocean. It is a very shameful condition of our national army and ex king as they are as well being a silent spectator to enjoy in the sorrow of the innocent general people to take a revenge with the people as they dethroned the king with extreme humiliation but the clarity they should know it the people were put on illusion by the corrupt parties under the grand design of the powerful neighbouring countries to engulf the Nepal.

The king should excuse the people whereas they have also excused to the king in many occasions and this is not a time of being silent spectator to take revenge with each other. Any how we need to save our slowly drowning perforated ship by any means completely abolishing the all mechanism of those all corrupt parties and need to restore the disciplined, integrity, transparent and beautiful Nepal carrying together with good party like Sajha Party and other good parties for the smooth management of the country to run in the good system completely removing the source and force system in public service delivery. This is the only time that the king , our national army and all only good parties and good people need to work together with solidarity to run our country  in a good system.

I am appealing our national army to come forward first in coordination with the good people, parties and reformed king to restore our undeclared lost national sovereignty eradicating the corrupt mechanism to be hanged until death.

Next part will be continued in next serial.

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