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Julia Roberts “Secret Affair” Tabloid Cover Story Is Misleading Bait And Switch

A tabloid cover story announcing Julia Roberts had a “secret affair” is extremely misleading. Gossip Cop can explain why this egregious cover amounts to a bait and switch.

The new cover of Life & Style blares, “Julia: The Secret Affair That Nearly Destroyed Her.” It further teases, “Daily phone calls & secret meetings at an apartment,” and “How she recovered by turning to her children & charity work.” These phrases were all chosen to give consumers the impression that Roberts just had an affair and is now moving on from it with her kids. That is not the case.

It’s only several paragraphs into the actual article that the gossip magazine reveals it is not writing about anything current. Rather, this story is about something that allegedly happened more than 15 years ago. As is widely known, in 2000 Roberts was involved with Benjamin Bratt. That year, she met Danny Moder while filming The Mexican. Bratt and Roberts ended their relationship in 2001. She and Moder wed in 2002 and have been together ever since.

5 kinds of extra-marital affairs and why they happen

We all value love, then why do we engage in extra marital affairs? Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist describes it in an interesting manner. According to her, love is not really an emotion but more of a brain system. When it comes to love, we have three brain systems – first is the sex drive, second romantic love and third, partner attachment. And the brain architecture works in a manner that while being attached to one partner, we can feel intense love for another and sex drive for even more partners

Only-lust affair
Emotional affair
Resentment/Revenge affairs
Imaginary affairs
Resentment/Revenge affairs
Imaginary affairs
Body and soul affairs
Bronzers come out of the shadows

Bronzers are the forgotten heroes of the dusty make-up bag, their many brilliances now overshadowed by the distraction of contouring. Apply delicately for a radiant glow, or buff on to the bits of your face where the sun falls to fake the effects of an afternoon bunking off work and drinking spiked lemonade under a tree. Some of them even leave you with a tan after you’ve washed it off. Imagine.

What’s The Big Idea? Look On The Bright Side: Malang 1928-2017

Acclaimed Filipino artist Mauro “Malang” Santos died on Saturday, June 10. He was 89 years old.

Malang was the creator of the comic strip Kosme the Cop (Retired), and later established the gallery Bughouse, which specialized in cartoons.

Finding a job

Canadian employers are very much in favour of candidates from the Irish workforce – the Irish have a good reputation in Canada, and are seen to have a strong skill-set and a great work ethos.

Lots of our clients wouldn’t have work lined up before they go – there are lots of employment opportunities available that people can secure when they arrive in Canada. But seeing as you are going for a short period of time, you should do some research in advance.

How to get rid of sunburn: Expert tips to repair damaged skin FAST

HOW TO get rid of sunburn – as temperatures soar this weekend, many will find themselves with painful, red skin after spending too long in the sun. But there is a quick fix for repairing damaged skin.

So how can you safely get rid of sunburn? Sun protection experts Ladival have explained to what you can do to treat sunburnt skin.

Explaining what happens when skin is burnt by the sun, they said: “When skin is exposed to the sun it creates a reaction within our cells and as a result, the rate at which we produce melanin increases, hence a tan.

Model with Down’s syndrome is inspiring others after becoming first to land beauty advert

Katie Meade is hoping to shake up the fashion industry and prove that “beauty belongs to everybody”

The 33-year-old made history last year when she became the first ever model with Down’s Syndrome to be the face of a beauty brand and her career – both as a model and as an ambassador for people with learning disabilities – is continuing to grow.

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