Apple Specs (All Apple Mac, iPod, iPhone & iPad Specs)

6 Reasons Apple Is So Successful

One of the more interesting questions I get asked about as an industry analyst who’s followed Apple since 1981 is why Apple is so successful. It’s an honest question because to those unfamiliar with Apple, the company’s rise and current dominance in non-PC devices is somewhat puzzling.

The history of Apple

Our Apple history feature includes information about The foundation of Apple and the years that followed, we look at How Jobs met Woz and Why Apple was named Apple. The Apple I and The debut of the Apple II. Apple’s visit to Xerox, and the one-button mouse. The story of The Lisa versus the Macintosh. Apple’s ‘1984’ advert, directed by Ridley Scott. The Macintosh and the DTP revolution.

Apple Specs (All Apple Mac, iPod, iPhone & iPad Specs)

Complete technical specs on every Apple Macintosh, as well as iPod, iPhone and iPad, ever released follow, organized by series. Click on a series for complete details.

Mac specs are listed below by Modern (Intel, 2006-Present), Recent (PowerPC G3-G5, 1997-2005) and Vintage (68k-604e, 1984-1998). Current Macs are available, too.

iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Apple TV specs have their own category below. Specs for Apple Displays are provided on their own page.

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The 11 worst Apple products of all time

Not every Apple product is amazing. From terrible designs to noble but ill-advised commercial failures, and from the Apple III to the 12-inch MacBook, take a look at the 11 worst Apple products to ever come out of Cupertino

How Jobs met Woz

Jobs and Woz (that’s Steve Wozniak) were introduced in 1971 by a mutual friend, Bill Fernandez, who went on to become one of Apple’s earliest employees. The two Steves got along thanks to their shared love of technology and pranks.

6 Apple Products We’re Looking Forward to in 2015

Apple Watch, 12-inch Macbook Air with Retina Display, 13-inch and 15-inch Macbook Pro with Broadwell Chips, iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro, Updated Apple TV


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