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The basic lives of grassroot level’s people are more deteriorating rather than in direct monarchical system in Nepal. It is being very difficult day to day to get the public services by the people. To get the public services easily is the right of people whereas the people are paying their taxes to the government in each step. The parameter of government’s successfulness depends upon their quality of public services delivery. In Nepal nowadays if you are not linked up with any party you will not get any public services without bribery. Bribery is being open question to all for those who has got no link up with any parties. In their own country they all are considered and treated as a foreign national asking the bribe as a open question in all government offices by most of the civil servants directly and indirectly compelling tend to ask for bribe even some civil servants are in idealism. They are helpless. Those all corrupt civil servants have their own channel of link with their corresponding parties and tend to carry out doing illegal activities by the party leaders themselves. All people are divided and compel to be divided by the parties. There is no any national unity in the country Nepal after abolishment of monarchy.

People themselves know how the worst situation is going on rather than before in direct monarchical system but they all are helpless due to making divisions between people to people in race, ideology, ethnicity, politically, religiously, communally, sexually and in other lots of factors by the multiparty. People internally want to overcome from those situations but they are not finding the best leader to whom they can trust and their corresponding parties are not allowing doing so. Now in this worst situation of Nepal only the symbol of unification is the ex-king who has got lots of repent doing his previous activities. He was the stupid Kalidas before but now he is a improved Kalidas. He only has got a big aspiration to correct those all previous wrong activities and he wants do for the people and by the people. We all should give him final chance in the condition of check and balance or hire and fire system making a separate independent international and national monitoring body.

People want development from the grass root level. He has to be given oath of making to work from the grass root level for the people. His any immediate successor will not be given chance to become a king of Nepal which is controlled by the people’s independent commission. After get through from the hard examination conducted by people’s independent commission only the family member of king will be eligible for to become a next king. So, as soon as possible all the people of Nepal including all people involved in different parties should come forward considering him as a leader of the nation to making him oath in front of people that all the people will give him a chance to become a leader of Nepal to unify the people of Nepal and abolish the parties who only works for their parties sake but never for the all people of Nepal.
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