CD Vijaya Adhikari: Day by Day Popularity of Young Talented Singer with video

CD Vijaya Adhikari: the most promising artist of present nepali music industry, is gaining his popularity day by day with his young enthusiasm, talent and hard working nature. Unique melody voice, versatile singing and social friendly habit of this young boy made maximum nepalese from foreign countries to choose him as their perfect idol. This young boy not only sings well but also has effectively run his own music company named CDM Music Creation as well as shown his mind blowing talent of music composition. Keeping his parents` name infront of his real name shows him that he is so religious, kind, lovable and respectful. “C stands for father`s name Chandrakanta and D stands for mother`s name Durga Devi and my name CD Vijaya Adhikari makes me feel that wherever I go or whatever I plan for, blessings of my parents is with me”, he says.

Born as the first child of his parents in Lahachok village of Pokhara, CD Vijaya Adhikari was fond of singing since his childhood. “Yati dherai maya diyi”, his one the favourite song which he used to sing in his childhood days showed that he could be a good singer in future. As a result, he was called as little Narayan Gopal in his school Motherland Higher Secondary English Boarding School where he completed his graduation and from where he got his inspiration and support to go forward in his music career ahead. He had already sung a dozen of songs in two child albums that were “Aavash” and “Matribhumika Phoolaharu” during his study in Motherland and also was awarded as child artist of the year 2061 B.S. in Dhukdhuki Award as well as won the title of Matribhumi Tara too.

I think it was an incident about 14/15 years ago when I was going to my maternal uncle`s home , I heard a song coming from a nearest area through a radio along with a sweet childish voice mixed into it. I can’t exactly remember that song but remember that the father of the child saying,”never leaves the radio; always listens songs and doesn’t let me to listen some news too. I am fed up with the habit of this boy.” I wasn’t wrong that day that I had already guessed that boy would be a star in future after I was impressed by his voice when he sang so easily and nicely whatever I requested him to sing.

Time passed away.I was busy in my daily works.Suddenly, I was suprised when I met and knew that the same small boy had then already been popular singer CD Vijaya Adhikari who had already sung more than 100 songs till that day. Then my heart didn’t agree to feel peace without writing about this amazing guy.
The golden door of his musical career got opened when he participated in “Khoji Pratibhako – 2012 ” organised by Nepal Television where he stood so confident after wining the title of PNC Idol organised by PN Campus Pokhara, being 1st runner up in Big Icon organised by Big FM, receiving award as The Most Promising Pokhareli Artist of the Year from Annapurna Award organised by Annapurna FM, wining in and performing in many more compititions and programmes etc. He got second position in Khoji Pratibhako-2012. Then, he got chance to sing in many collection albums. He also released his first Solo Album named Priti afer that. But, unfortunately, he was compelled to go to UAE for singing in a Nepali Resturant where he worked as a nepali and hindi singer.During his stay in UAE, few songs which he sang before leaving Nepal became popular.

Finally, when he returned back to Nepal after 2 yrs , he turned out to be more energetic with his aim to continue his career in Nepal. Then, with the sponsership and solo lyrics of Rakesh Kafley ftom USA, he got chance to release his second album named ” Tulsi Manjari – Priti 2″ which was sold out in 5000 copies in many countries and specially among Nepalese Speaking Bhutanese all over the world. Similarly, Another Music Composer Dr Atu also helped him stay strong in nepali music industry giving him continuous support. Then, he was never compelled to look back after these oppertunities.

Today, CD Vijaya Adhikari is being a well known young figure. He has recently released his solo album named Mayako Phool produced and penned by the lyricist Kumar Paudel from Israel where CD Vijaya gave his solo composition and solo vocal except a song assisted by his wife Manisha Rai. His Coming big project is a music video of national song Jay Jay Nepal composed as well as sang by himself with his wife and produced and written by Alok Chamling Rai which is visualised with Various popular artists like Rajesh Hamal, Saroj Khanal etc. of Nepal.
At last, I would like to wish this national property, a young talented singer CD Vijaya Adhikari for his more success and better future ahead.

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